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Outback Machine Shop
Genoa,   Illinois
Jim & Deanna Glass,  Owners
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Prototypes,  Special tooling,
Solidworks CAD Drawings Created,  Tool & Die, 
Prototype Stamping    Cycle testing
Special Components, Automation,  Electrical,




What we want to do

Provide the best service with  jobs often delivered the next day.   We are looking for machine work of any kind within the limits of our machines. Work could include repair parts, tools, assemblies and electrical work.    Quantities of 1 to 10 pieces are typical orders.   I can automate short run production jobs to run in my shop or yours, even special jobs.   With our low overhead we can save you money. As of 1/1/09 the shop rate is $48/hour for all types of work.    Because the shop is well organized and my experience savings up to 20% can be expected.

Workmanship and Experience

 We have been in  business for ten years.    Workmanship is  expected without asking and without added expense.  I have 30 years experience in Tool & Die and Special Machine construction. I have Served an Apprenticeship through the U S Department of Labor.   In addition, I earned an AAS Degree in drafting and a Certificate in Industrial Electricity from Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois.    I am  creative, resourceful, innovative and a problem solver.

Our Equipment

 We have Wire EDM, a nice CNC Bridgeport with a PC control that I built myself.  Software that converts CAD drawings directly to machine language.   A new manual Bridgeport type-milling machine with 9 X 42 table and digital read out.  Our lathe is a tool room type used primarily for one of a kind type work.  The lathe is a 13" swing  x 40" bed with digital readout.   We also have a 6 X 12 Harig surface grinder that  has a cylindrical grinding attachment, Sine plate, and J & S radius dresser.     A heavy duty drillpress  electricaly variable speed and reversable with a  foot switch.   Great for tapping.

Solidworks 2012

Homemade Quick Change Toolpost


Some Recent CNC work

Homemade Quick Change Toolpost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Some Recent CNC work

For a Tour of some of the automated systems that I have designed and built myself.

The 4 x 6 cutoff saw with automated bar feeder.   A moneymaker for me and possible product for those interested in buying a bar feeder from me.    No one else offers a bar feeder for these small saws.      The beam or slide on this bar feeder is extruded 80-20  aluminum.      This particular bar feeder was built from used components that were on hand.

The  aluminum extrusion cutoff saw with automated bar feed.    I designed and built three saws similar to this one to run production for a customer.      This is an example of the kind of work I'm really looking for.      I actually built these three sawing machines at my expense and bill the customer by the number of pieces cut.     This way I hope to keep the job   in my shop.      I'm able to conduct business this way by purchasing components from Ebay and other used part sources.

The electrical cabinet is typical of the 3 cabinets I wired and programmed for the cutoff bar feeds.     They contain
Allen-Bradely  Micrologix 1000 programmable logic controllers.     The controllers automate the sawing process and also apply precise amounts of coolant to the cutting area.     I own my own copy of the RSlogix software.   A few lines of programming are shown below and right

      Brady ID Pro printer for making wire
   and hose markers

Below is a Identification and serial number hotstamp machine built wired and programmed for a customer. The machine was designed by the customer. Two of the machines have now been made for the same customer. A table extends toward the machine operator station and ten plastic strips are loaded onto nests. After the palm buttons are pushed the table retracts to the stamping position. Each plastic strip has a Customer name applied and a serial number. After all 10 strips are numbered the table extends to the operator position for the next set of strips to be loaded.

     Front view of machine                                 Cabinet front with controls

Below are just a few special tools I made that are used to adjust the rotor blades for the helocopter shown.
I'm very interested in finding more work of this type


Home Built Wire EDM Machine
I'm one of the few people in the world that has designed and built a programmable wire EDM machine.   It is not CNC just yet.   For now it is controlled by a Micrologix PLC and is limited to rectangular moves.

More Wire EDM Pics

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